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The National Curriculum


Children explore descriptive vocabulary to describe tree bark and plants. They look for animal prints, descriptions of imaginary creatures and the actual history of the site (e.g. bomb craters/swamp plants and animals/pond life etc.). All of these sessions use speaking and listening to develop children's vocabulary. The children can then apply their learning from the forest sessions directly in their writing for the ‘Big Write’ and other topic based literacy.



Science can be explored in many ways in a Forest School session. For example, the children can investigate how water takes the easiest path. They can explore questions such as, why does water behave like this? What happens when it hits an obstacle? Or children can grow seeds in the mud taken from their boots on their return. They can then look at the make-up of the soil by scraping mud off boots and adding water in a vessel, letting it settle and making observations.


There are numerous opportunities for maths across the curriculum. For instance, the children can calculate how many insects are in the meadow by looking and counting within a given square area and calculating upward.


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The children make craft items or toys from wood and items found in the woods. Children can look at artists’ landscapes and the work of artists such as Andy Goldsworthy to create their own art inspired by the woodland environment.


The children can cut wood and shape it safely using a range of tools. They also have the opportunity (with safety in mind) for felling and cutting long limbs of the trees, using different tools and learning new skills. During woodworking sessions children also cover science by explaining the physical forces that are encountered.